The Misadventures of Jack Boyle – December 1915

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In 1915, Jack Boyle was employed as a reporter for the Missouri newspaper The Kansas City Post.  But on Sunday December 19, 1915, his doings of the previous evening were chronicled in the rival paper The Kansas City Gazette Globe.  Here’s what his competitors had to say:

Jack Boyle, whose ambition is to become a Sherlock Holmes, was sentenced in police court.  Last night Boyle, on arriving at Sixth Street and Minnesota Avenue, saw Harry Vose, a newspaper  boy, selling papers.  Boyle placed the boy under arrest and took him to police headquarters.  Stepping up to the sergeant’s desk he insisted upon young Vose being locked up for impersonating a messenger boy.  After arguing with the sergeant for a while, Boyle was ordered locked in the hold-over for safe keeping.  Boyle told the judge that State Line booze was awful stuff when it got to working.

Awful stuff indeed.

JBF 6/22/15

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