The First Mrs. Boyle

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Violet Boyle

So much of Jack Boyle’s life is shrouded in obscurity, half-truth and exaggeration, it is hardly surprising that details about his first marriage are difficult to pin down.  His wife’s name was Violet — or Charlotte — or Trixie — or perhaps something else altogether.  Just when and where the couple tied the knot is equally questionable.  Here is what can be gleaned from contemporary newspaper accounts and other records of the time:

Shortly after his release from Canon City Penitentiary in late 1914, Boyle took up with a woman calling herself Violet Wilson.  She was reputed to have been a reporter for an unspecified Denver, Colorado newspaper, and to also have gone by the name Trixie Dean.  When Boyle left Denver in February 1915, Violet went with him, and at the time of the pair’s arrest in Kansas City, Missouri a few weeks later, newspaper accounts described her as Jack’s wife.  The man who paroled Boyle, Warden Thomas Tynan, expressed surprise in hearing of his former inmate’s marriage, saying that no mention of this had been made to him when Boyle requested permission to move out of state to accept a reporting job.  But from their 1915 arrival in Kansas City to their abrupt departure in 1917, Jack and Violet lived there as husband and wife.

The same can be said when the couple resettled in Baraboo, Wisconsin, and Jack’s 1918 draft registration card listed Violet Boyle as his nearest relative.  This tallies with Variety‘s October 8, 1924 article which later reported that Boyle and Violet had been married in Crown Point, Indiana on March 25, 1918.  While this would mean that previous references to to the couple as man and wife were erroneous (perhaps referring to a common law marriage, rather than a civil ceremony) the Variety article would at least seem to put the mystery of the Boyles’ wedding date to rest.  Except that the marriage records held in Crown Point indicate that the couple were wed in 1919.  So there is no simple answer to  the question of when Jack was first married.

Regardless, the union did not last long.  By mid 1921, reports began appearing in various newspapers that the couple were separated, and that Violet had filed for divorce in the State of Colorado.  However, many of these reports now called the soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Boyle by the name Charlotte (Violet’s middle name).  Still later items circa 1923 stated that Violet went to Hollywood in hopes of becoming an actress, citing drama training she received during her youth in Norway.  She even hoped to land roles in the movie adaptations of some her ex-husband’s stories.

Today, a review of various genealogy websites reveals that Violet began life as Hanna Charlotte Petersen.  Born in Trondheim, Norway in 1883, she immigrated to the U.S. in 1903.  How she came to take the names Trixie Dean or Violet Wilson is unclear, but she is known to have returned to Colorado after her mid 1920s stint in Hollywood.  She remained there at least through 1954, but is reported to have died in Los Angeles on April 1, 1971.  She outlived Jack by more than 40 years and, in light of their rather tumultuous split, appears to have had a final laugh at his expense.  In June of 1932, literary agent Larry Giffin of New York published notices seeking the administrator of Jack Boyle’s estate, to obtain permission to print one of the author’s stories.  A few days later, an item appeared in The Portland Oregonian stating that Giffin’s search had ended, having located Boyle’s widow in Denver.  Since Jack’s wife at the time of his death, Elsie, never lived in Colorado, it sounds as though Violet was still finding ways to derive a bit of income from her ex-husband’s work, even four years after his death.

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