In Search of Who?

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How can a man be so overshadowed by his own creation that his name is all but forgotten today, even though his character lives on?  That’s the question that first drew me into this crazy project.  Little did I know that my curiosity would lead me down a path that would consume two decades of my life, and encompass elements of drug addiction, family tragedy, Hollywood glamour, natural disaster, suicide, investigative journalism, wild animal training, identity theft, and even multiple murder.  All the makings of a good noir thriller (and then some)!  For all his present obscurity, Jack Boyle certainly was a memorable guy.

Had I known then what I know now, would I have delved so deeply to resurrect his memory?  Should I have?

Oh well, the book is still some years away (2014, by my publisher’s estimate), so the world still has a bit of time before meeting the ubiquitous Mr. Boyle again.  Perhaps it will help me, in the meantime, to write about my obsession here – to tell the story of my ill advised quest to “find” the man who created Boston Blackie …

JBF 4/12/11

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  1. Kingsley Hoemann said,

    It would be NICE if you could post the stories themselves on your website. They ARE NOT found on Project Gutenburg.


    Kingsley Hoemann

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